Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All Call

12:26 PM by Hegrins ·
Hi, I'm your faithful blogger. I recently watched a Glenn Beck Friday segment where he had talked about the American Dream. He said that the "American Dream" isn't cars, Money, or the big house on the hill with a 56" plasma TV. He said it's about having the opportunity to do what you love. I love learning, politics, and thinking outside the box. I will admit I am trying to create a following so that my voice may be heard by more than just mom and dad, so you may see me posting my link to or this address in a chat or on many other venue's. Please go to my site and check it out because I want to entertain you by doing what I love the most. If you feel that I'm missing a subject or there's something you'd like to know more about either through education or politically please feel free to go to my website and submit a form in the "contact us" section. I deal only in facts and personal experiences, so expect me to verify your sources if you offer me feedback.

I am currently working on a new blog, and I will update you on the blogs that I am working on from time to time, about how the growing "U.S. Debt" is affecting our foreign policy. I recently talked to someone on yahoo chat that said they were on the U.S.S. Kittyhawk and how a Chinese submarine was able to get through the outer perimeter and come within firing position of the Aircraft Carrier and open its torpedo doors to fire on the U.S. warship. Considering how much money we owe the Chinese and Saudi's I would say they would have a huge say in how we handle relations with them. I wonder how much harm we're putting our Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines in to be able to keep our entitlement programs and welfare state. We as a global power tend to have our hand in everything that goes on in the globe because it affects us directly or indirectly, so with our growing national debt, how do we handle our relations with those nations that own our debt and seek to do us harm on the side?

Please feel free to offer me up any information and resources you may have available at my website in the "Contact Us" button. There is also a link to my site at the top of this page. I look forward to bringing you good information that you may deem as valuable in our daily lives. Please feel free to look at my previous posts as well.


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