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JFK assassination

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I have to get this off my chest because in a way it’s consuming my mind. I’ve been doing research on the JFK assassinations. I recently came across a great documentary done by A&E in the late 80’s called “The men who killed Kennedy” which was later distributed by the History Channel. I’ve also been going through conspiracy documentaries on Between what you talk about and what I’ve had a chance to come across this is pretty scary.


J. Edgar Hoover was being blackmailed by the mob because they had incriminating photos of him having intimate relations with another male. Hoover refused to acknowledge that we had a mob problem inside the U.S. He also got dirt on just about every politician in Washington including JFK and RFK.

Witnesses close to JFK state that JFK and RFK were trying to figure out how to not put LBJ on the ticket, but couldn’t figure a way out of it so LBJ ends up getting humiliated by the Kennedy brothers publicly.

LBJ, J. Edgar Hoover, and E.L. Hunt along with Nixon and Ford were all close friends.

H.W. Bush was in some form involved with the CIA during that time.

Witnesses were silenced by assassination after the JFK assassination.

On Geraldo’s show in the 90’s LBJ’s mistress of many years who he ended up fathering a child with, on national TV, claims that she spoke with LBJ the day before and the day after the JFK assassination. Her statement was that over the phone LBJ said that JFK wouldn’t humiliate him after that day. When she confronted him after the assassination about what he said the day before he admitted that E.L. Hunt and the CIA did it, he just knew about it.

The director of the CIA was publically humiliated and fired by JFK because of the bay of pigs.

The CIA used the mob for assassinations within the U.S. because they had no jurisdiction. Also, the CIA handbook talked about how to do a coupe and public assassination of the countries leader was ideal. They tried to use this method in South America.

The Warren Report members were stacked and I believe was picked by LBJ himself. On the Warren Commission were people that had a beef with JFK.

A writer by the name of Steve Rivele interviewed Christian David and he gave information regarding the Kennedy assassination. Christian stated he was approached to contract to kill President Kennedy. He did turn it down, but he knew who was contracted. Antoine Gabonese was the man who contacted him. Port of Morse night club was where they would meet. The first name of one of the three men was given to Steve Rivele. The name was nuseum sortie was given to verify Christian David’s story. This man was later killed in Mexico city and that's why his name was given. (this segment is a copy of the notes taken during the documentary)

The Warren Commission concluded that there was one shooter, Oswald, and he fired 3 shots. The House of Representatives concluded 4 shots and two shooters and that this was a conspiracy. Something important to keep in mind that I learned was that because it was a lone shooter everything was allowed to be investigated by Dallas or the State of Texas, if there was more than one shooter the FBI, CIA, and Secret Service would be required to investigate. Also, if Oswald could be linked to Cuba or the USSR LBJ would have been forced to start an all-out war.

Oswald may not have been the shooter. He also may have been CIA (check out the interview he did in Louisiana right before the assassination). Because of the “Bay of Pigs” and because this was a political hot button issue during the time JFK appointed RFK to run a side operation to overthrow the Cuban government. Some people think that Oswald was part of that and that’s why he was a patsy. RFK kept this under close raps so that if anything went wrong it could be concealed, also this was being done without the CIA being in the loop. This would have angered the CIA and been taken as a sign of no confidence and a slap in the face to the CIA.


I believe that LBJ happened to be in the right place at the right time and have the right friends, but this was bigger than him. I believe that the CIA and other black operations agencies grew too big and too powerful and didn’t like the way things were ran, so they decided to take over themselves. I believe that for a long period of time that our government is being ran behind the scenes and those who have tried to stop it or bring it to light were either silenced or assassinated. What we see going on now is just the final result of something that’s been in motion for decades. There are multiple forces jockeying for position of leadership in this country as the end result comes to a head. This means that “We the people” lost our government over 50 years ago and if we don’t take it back Regan and JFK’s warnings will have been in vein. Those who had involvement in the JFK assassination have had power including LBJ, H.W. Bush, Nixon, and Ford. Those that have been fillers between were manipulated through whatever means necessary to continue the end plan. What is the plan? Very simple, total world domination, which is what every man’s inner demon wants.

There are 3 parties that are jockeying for control of the government. The CIA or other underground black ops agencies want to have world domination in their image which, in my opinion, would be a dictatorship like Iraq or Nazi Germany. The second would be the Liberals who want Communism totalitarian dictatorship a lot like the USSR or China. The last is the American people who just want to live their lives, go to work, raise their family, and provide a decent lifestyle for themselves and their family. The American people are oblivious and being manipulated by the two other forces through lies, deception, and suppression of information.


Anonymous said...
Friday, 22 October, 2010

Very interesting opiinion. With things that are going on in are country this is plausable.

Anonymous said...
Saturday, 23 October, 2010


Since the CIA used the mob for internal assassinations there is a big possibility that with JFK going after the Mob that the CIA decided to use Progressive groups instead

chris said...
Monday, 08 November, 2010

This is a very evil time in this country's history.

AlteredStates said...
Monday, 15 November, 2010

"What is the plan? Very simple, total world domination, which is what every man’s inner demon wants". A quote from your article and very funny, to boot!

With an attitude like that, is it any wonder that the world is so fucked up? There can never be peace, so, why bother impeaching Obama or, any other politician? Whatever the next administration does won't work either because, someone else will "have it in" for the next leader.

Whenever I post a comment on any web site I do so with the idea that, no matter what I or, anyone else says, there is no cure. So, I find it comical that people still think that their plan will bring peace or, the desired end result. The most anyone can wish for is to live as peaceful a life as possible until we leave this God forsaken planet. And, good luck.

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