Sunday, December 12, 2010

Second 9/11 in America

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Last night I was talking about Presidential Directive 51, but I think this is a little bigger than that. There is a bigger picture that I've come across and Directive 51 is just the official piece of legislation that allows complete government control. In my research I came across an article about COINTELPRO which is a program started by the FBI in the 60's to destroy dissenters, the Church commission has even accused COINTELPRO of MLK's death. Also, I've come across two important articles about the market, one being J.P. Morgan shorting the silver market, second one being the major sell off of bonds after the Obama compromise. Another interesting thing I came across that was never covered in the media is that Obama was found guilty of various counts of fraud in May concerning his past including his birth and attendance to Columbia which ends up linking him to being a CIA asset.

All of these seen separately would seem like an insignificant story, but you should really put them together because when things happen, it takes a long time with minor changes each time to keep under the radar. If all of a sudden the President came out and said, I'm your ruler, people would lynch him instantly. If you, over time, create laws and regulation along with slowly breaking down society, then you can have a silent coupe.

Presidential Directive 51 gives ultimate control of the government to the President under martial law or national emergency. What's concerning about this if you're a patriotic American is that the directive allows just about anything to be a national emergency. When this directive is imposed, there will be no elections, the president pretty much gets control over congress, and that's only what we know because only a small portion was released. This is the biggest silent power grab in US History.

COINTELPRO was a program used by the FBI in the 60's and possibly before to destroy dissenters. The thing is the dissenters are anyone that doesn't agree with the administration or anything deemed a threat. According to the Church Commission, COINTELPRO spied on anyone they deemed a threat without any oversight. What's even worse are these 60's radical groups may not have been as radical as they were made out to be. COINTELPRO was reported to have infiltrated many of the radical groups including the Black Panthers, SDS, MLK's group, and has even become the leaders of these groups. When COINTELPRO would infiltrate these groups they would be what are considered agitators and were the ones with the more radical plans to begin with. Even today COINTELPRO has continued its work although the Church Commission has stated that they have stopped, but at some of these peaceful demonstrations there are agitators. A lot of the time the group realizes they're cops and tries to run them off. A COINTELPRO whistle blower from 2000 has also warned that Wikileaks is part of COINTELPRO, so be cautious when supporting or defending Wikileaks.

In May of this year President Obama was found guilty for multiple counts of fraud such as mail and wire fraud, but no one has heard about this. This is way more serious than anything that Clinton did by far because of what he was trying to hide. A pastor from Harlem was trying to get some information on presidential candidate Obama about his attendance to Columbia. According to the pastor this is where he found out that Obama was a CIA asset during the 80's and used Columbia as a cover. I suggest you look up more on this yourself, but this is interesting because even his birth certificate was called into question because he got a certification of live birth not a certificate of live birth.

Monday, when President Obama announced his deal with the Republicans on extending the Bush tax cuts and also extending unemployment for 13 months. Starting on Tuesday there was a major sell off in the bond market. The reason why this concerns me is this is how Greece and Ireland got into its current situation. In Greece there was such a huge amount of short term sell offs in the bond market that it caused interest rates to spike which caused the government to be unable to borrow money and banks were required to raise interest rates on loans. This process took 4 months to collapse Greece. Economists say that low interest rates are what's keeping most people in their homes and if bonds were to go up even 1% we could see even more record foreclosure rates. What's becoming even more concerning is every financial network or planner is saying not to get into bonds and if you do, do it short term.

Glenn Beck keeps repeating Van Jones “top down, bottom up, inside out” speech. If you look at COINTELPRO, the bond market, and the results of the Columbia Treason Trial, this may be exactly what's happening. It's almost like there's a conspiracy between the CIA and Banks to take over America. Once the bond market collapses, we'll see riots in the streets, and if the Republicans start slashing the budget we could see civil unrest even earlier. Once people start staging peaceful demonstrations, some members from COINTELPRO will start agitating to make a peaceful demonstration turn violent. Once civil unrest becomes violent, President Obama could invoke directive 51 which would make him, in a way, a supreme dictator and suspend any elections. The only hope we have is that Congress will invoke the National Emergencies act and not extend martial law past 2 years, but we don't know the extent of power given to the President under directive 51.

The most important thing to take away from this article is that things aren't what they seem, even when you think you've figured it out, it changes. I am now certain that the American public is under assault by its own government and we don't even know it. If the people do realize it, it will be too late. We need to start getting our friends away from mind numbing news and television and get them into alternative media or at least get them to listen to some form of news other than what Prince Charles is doing for his wedding. We need to start taking the time and getting our friends and neighbors to start getting informed, this is our only defense against what we have coming down the pipe at us. We're just pawns, but pawns will no longer be pawns if they decide to wake up and get informed.


Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall said...
Sunday, 12 December, 2010

I love it: "things aren't what they seem, even when you think you've figured it out, it changes." All I can figure is that the US government is controlled by professional criminals (fact, not opinion). I write about my own close encounter (related to my political activities) to US intelligence scum in my recent memoir THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE ( I currently live in exile in New Zealand.

dadeschools student portal said...
Sunday, 12 December, 2010

what a informative post..keep it up bro..

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