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Part 1 of 2: Surviving Martial Law

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As far back as December 2009 President Obama has been preparing for a civil war within the United States. In November of 2009 he directed USNORTHCOM to make sure that there are at least 1 million troops inside the US by Jan 2010 while still continuing conflicts abroad. It makes sense why he's ending both Iraq and Afghanistan so early. Currently the military is participating in Unified Quest 2011 where they are preparing strategies on how to deal with a financial local or global collapse or if there are huge slashes in the budget. Considering earlier last month Berkeley students almost beat a police officer to death because of talks about raising tuition at a state ran school, I would expect with the incoming freshman to Congress that the same types of rioting on a more massive scale will be happening.

When civil unrest happens, weather coordinated by crooked individuals or not, martial law will be declared. So, what does martial law include? Under martial law the federal government will seize all fuel, food, labor, and set up a curfew in short. There are a number of executive orders that have been enacted under Presidents as far back as Kennedy outlining what will need to happen under martial law, below are some examples I've found.

Under martial law, the last thing you want to do is run to the woods. There are two reasons for this, first, you're liable to get picked up and thrown into a detention camp, and secondly, if there are people out in the woods, they may end up shooting you. So, let's take a civil approach to this and think of some simple survival tips because the well being of your family is most important.

First and foremost a little trick I learned from being homeless for 5 years is being in small groups is an instant survival technique. Talk with your neighbors and friends about what to do if even a huge disaster hits your town. When forming your small group, realize everyone is in it for survival, so if you can't contribute, you wont last long. The reason why you travel in groups being homeless is because of security and common interests. Think of it like this, everyone acts independently and for the group. No one is going to attack 10 people with 3 people. Also, everyone has different skills and resources that can be used for the group that can ensure everyone's survival, in a way it'll be like barter.

Swallow your pride, you might be humiliated or searched, but cooperation ensures survival. Last thing you want is to go to a FEMA camp. Under martial law, the military is the law, so unless it's immoral, follow the instructions. There will be plenty of people fighting and rioting to take suspicion away from you if you just cooperate. Even in prison the guy who's good and cooperates with the guards gets more freedom than the guy trying to make a stand.

Avoid areas there there is civil unrest. Putting yourself right in the middle of the action would not make logical sense. Unless you're forced to, don't go there, call into work if you have to or call the authorities to see what the best course of action is. This might be small, but it could save your life.

While watching the documentary “Collapse” with Michael Rupert, he talked about when India had their financial collapse. Everyone drove their cars to the airport and purchased a one way ticket home. It's always good to be close to family if you can, so if you see that things are deteriorating, take some time and go be with your family.

Talk with your friends and neighbors, ask them to be calm during this situation, even offer them help. One thing drug dealers are good for is keeping crime rate low because when the police show up it hurts business. Take that same approach towards your neighborhood. If you can be a peace maker and keep the heat out of your neighborhood it will either allow this to go away quicker or allow authorities to focus on other areas.

Remember, the soldiers coming to your house are Americans too. Although certain entities in our society have taken upon themselves the responsibility of driving a wedge between public servants and the public doesn't mean you need to take it out on them. Remember, our soldiers have seen the ugliness of battle trying to defend this country, last thing they want to do is kill an American. Our police officers, although laws have been created to demonize them, are doing what the law allows them to do. They don't want to hurt anyone unless they're being threatened themselves no matter how much the media has demonized them. Realize those are the guys you'll be running to when you're in trouble, so don't burn that bridge.

Keep organic seeds for the aftermath. Once this is all over society will be dust. Expect that food and water may be scarce depending on the area of the country you are in. Be prepared to rebuild your community from scratch because society may be thrown back 70 years. Remember work, skills, and food are always the best currency.

**Blogger Note: This is part 1 of a 2 part article. Part 2 will be published tomorrow night.**



Anonymous said...
Friday, 24 December, 2010

When a government Representative (whatever agency) comes knocking and says come with us, or says they are now going to search your property for weapons without a warrant. What is the citizen supposed to do? I pray they don't knock on my door. The executive orders that allow an agency to act have no meaning to me. I took an oath to protect the constitution, not to see it suspended without congressional representation. I can not hand over my families ability to protect it's self or allow the seizure of property needed to benefit the desires of "leaders". I hope the law enforcement officials know what "laws" they are enforcing before they enter someones property. I hope they just don't act on an order. I feel that we are reaching a point in society that the only law will be survival. Personal morals will guide us to the other side of disaster, not the BS laws that have gotten us here in the first place. Thank you for your forum.

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