Sunday, December 5, 2010

Water Conspiracy

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While doing research for the days current events I stumbled across this weeks hype of “Conspiracy Theory with Jessie Ventura”. The show started out talking about how multinational corporations are taking our champagne water from our aquifers and either selling them for profit at huge markups or transporting it to China to using spragg bags to replenish their aquifers. One of the more outrageous claims made was that there are high amounts of Uranium and Lithium in our water which is causing, what they call, “Uranium Feminization”.

I decided to check into these claims because they are very serious. The average human can last only last 5 days without dying of dehydration. The Nestle company is one company which is doing this according to “Conspiracy Theory with Jessie Ventura”. This isn't the first country that has had this happen to it, just the closest to home. What ends up happening is companies come into the area and buy up the water rights or offer to privatize them. Once the company has either water or property rights depending on state or country they end up over harvesting the water. According to the Defense Department water is the next resource that wars will be fought over because of how scarce clean water is becoming around the world.

The claim that either the government or companies are putting Uranium into the water, in my opinion, is more important than companies like Nestle draining our water supply and sending it to China. After doing a lot of research, I think the show did a very bad job on explaining what was really going on, so I'll attempt to explain it.

There are normal traces of Uranium in everything from food, water, and even including humans. The EPA knows this and has made specific standards to which how much Uranium should be in our water through the Clean Water Act. From what I understand is that there are a couple of instances where high amounts of Uranium can be found in water which is either being close to Uranium enrichment sights, government testing sights, or Uranium mining sights. What I think may be happening is because we dump our industrial waste, sewage, and play in our lakes and streams, we're adding tiny bits of Uranium deposits into our water system each time and with the huge population centers around sending all this waste into one spot, it's spiking the level of Uranium in our water supply. The only way to get rid of Uranium out of our water is through reverse osmosis devices which can be purchased for private use at around $140.

The scary part is that the public utility companies that supply water are supposed to be monitoring all the chemicals in our water, but according to a NY Times article the EPA has cited over 2,000 water bureau's for having high levels of Uranium in their water. What's even worse are cases like Texas where the water bureau has been testing the water, then subtracts the variant bringing the tests down tolerable levels which is illegal after the EPA published a mandate in 2000 about how tests should be conducted. The EPA is also complaining that they come in and tell these water bureau's that their water has high level of toxins that in most cases the water bureau's are forced through fines or legal persuasion to comply.

According to Lauren Moret, a former scientist for Lawrence Livermore and international expert on radiation and public health, she's also finding high amounts of Lithium in the water supply as well. Lithium is a natural metal that exists in certain parts of the world and is also used for bipolar and manic depression. Lithium does seep into the water supply in small doses, but shouldn't be in all water supplies. Recently in Japan they completed a study where Lithium was part of the natural supply of water and they found that suicide and crime rates were lower there than in other parts of the country.

Lauren Moret stated while talking to Jessie Ventura that while we're experiencing high amounts of Uranium and Lithium in the water, we're also seeing the male birth rate decline while the female birth rate is expanding. According to her, the chemicals in the water along with all the chemicals in the plastic to make bottled water are causing the change of estrogen and testosterone levels along with the hormone disruptor s interacting with the radiation from the Uranium along with other chemicals creating a chemical cocktail that will be passed on genetically. As she says “It's killing our future generations”.

Now like fluoride, some government officials want to put Lithium in the water supply through out the US. They tout that fluoride has been such a success and a breakthrough and that it has opened the door to other forms of additives. In a way this seems like they're trying to open the door to creating the master race or utopian society by adding things like Lithium and fluoride to our drinking water. Scientists are saying that science is moving so fast that by adding other things like vitamins to our water supply would improve our lifestyle. The thing is, what happens if we get someone who believes in population control like our current science czar John Holdren who has since 1977 advocated population reduction?

The most important things to take away from this is that our drinking water isn't as safe as we thought it was in availability and cleanliness, but there's no need to be alarmed as much as everyone thinks you should be. Some chemicals are natural and can be digested by the body, but we need to be level headed about what it is that we're ingesting. If I told you that Di Hydrogen Monoxide killed many Americans every year, but was essential in your every day life and was deadly if you had too much or too little, you might be scared and have yourself tested, but if you knew your elements you'd know it was water. The thing we need to be doing most is staying informed on our most precious resources such as water and food and see what we have in them. A lot of chemicals are just fine, but only in proper doses like everything we do in life. My only concern is the fact that our officials are neglecting their responsibility to do their job and are possibly putting public health at a risk. Another thing that enrages me is the fact that our political figures are selling the US down the river in order to eventually get contributions, satisfy those contributors, or get re elected.


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