Thursday, December 9, 2010

Part 2 of 2: Surviving Martial Law

If you think I'm the only nay sayer writing about the impending collapse of the US and martial law then you haven't listened to Bob Chapman (retired investment broker), Peter Schiff (manager of Eurocapital), Bill Cooper (retired military intelligence and some think he was assassinated 10/2001), Glenn Beck, Jessie Ventura (former Navy Seal, former governor, and former wrestler), Alex Jones (conspiracy theorist), Chris Maretenson, Michael Rupert (interviewed for the documentary “collapse”, former LA police officer, and investigative journalist for 30 years), and Ron Paul (Representative from Texas). Here are some headlines from the last few years just to bring you up to speed.
  • Since 2009 President Obama has been preparing for civil unrest and ordered that 1 million troops be stationed inside the US by Jan 2010.
  • Currently the US military is undergoing “Unified Quest 2011” for 1 year to decide how to handle possible US or global economic collapse and civil unrest due to large budget cuts
  • Republicans win a landslide victory in November 2010 behind the Tea Party.
  • US has ended combat operations in Iraq.
  • Greece and Ireland have been bailed out with Spain and Portugal expected to fall next.
  • Euro expected to collapse.
  • Chinese have bought 500% more gold in 2010 than they did in 2009. Peter Schiff reported that the Chinese are buying shorter term US Bonds and are diversifying out of the dollar.
  • 2005 Civil Engineers grade US infrastructure a D and needing 1.6 Trillion to fix or repair.
  • 2006-2007 Housing bubble bursts
  • 2008 Banks on verge of collapse and are bailed out with TARP money.
  • 2009 GM bailed out, but recently went public in November of this year.
  • 2010 looks like the Bush tax cuts will be extended along with adding another 13 months of unemployment on top of the current 99 weeks which will cause an estimated budget deficit of 900 billion.
  • Although President Obama states that we've been out of the recession in September of 2009. Unemployment hasn't dropped below 9.6% and just recently adjusted after census workers finally not being included to 9.8%. Unemployment has been as high as 10.1%, but some estimate that real unemployment is between 17-21%.
  • US is currently at 94% debt to GDP. The debt commission recently voted 11-7 on measures to fix our current debt situation, but needed 14 votes in order to pass it. Although this didn't pass, there are Republican Representatives that want to implement 85% of the plan according to reports from the debt commission's chairman. I doubt that they'll implement the tax increases, but they will implement the budget cuts.
  • Jan 2010 President Obama signs an Executive Order establishing the counsel of governors.

Currently the youngest baby boomer will be turning 51 this year and there are some interesting factors to consider because the baby boomers retiring over the last 10 years and the next 10 years will put significant strain on our economy because they will be going from tax payers to social security collectors. My grandparents each had 5 kids which meant that the contributions from their kids would support them when they reached the age to collect social security, but my parents generation had on average of 2 kids and my generation will have on average 1 kid.

The reason why we had to bail the banks out with TARP is because of a credit crunch. Although we thought that bailing them out would save us from impending economic collapse, it just prolonged the pain. Our economy is based upon continuing growth where each generation has at least 3 kids which will in turn spike the demand on the supply, but the 1st world is doing the opposite. We have incurred so much debt in our personal lives and government that our children's children won't be able to pay for it.

Another thing to realize is that any recovery will be stifled by energy costs. Depending on who you ask they'll say we reached peak oil production between 6-10 years ago which means that supply will dwindle while demand increases. It's expected that oil should reach around $93 a barrel by the end of the year and be about $200 a barrel within the next two years which means $6-10 a gallon gas prices. Oil doesn't just run our cars with gasoline, about 80% of everything in your home has some form of an oil bi-product in it. The cost of everything from driving our cars to buying a new shirt will go up while your wages stay the same. President Bush thought it would be a good idea to put 10% ethanol in our gas to make it stretch father, but do you realize how many thing we eat or make that have some bi-product of corn in them? The end goal is to have 15% ethanol in our gas which would use all the current corn producing crops inside the US just to produce that much ethanol for the US.

In part 1 I outlined what would be expected to happen under martial law. I wanted to take part 2 and give all the facts about what's leading up to this. US collapse is on its way no matter what because we've been hit by so many catastrophes in such a short period of time, but it's important to connect the dots and see where the civil unrest is coming from because we already know how to deal with the punch, but we need to know when to duck. Currently our deficits are reaching a trillion dollars a year, we're in a security state because of the 9/11 attack, participating in 2 wars, dealing with a housing and credit bubble bursting, and burning our food supply to extend the life of our luxuries. During the Revolutionary war it was George Washington who kept the troops together, not Congress because they weren't even paying the troops a lot of the time. We need to start preparing to go back to being a part of nature and forgetting our city dwelling habits because they won't be lasting much longer. The sooner you prepare, the greater chance you have at survival.

In my last thoughts, Michael Ruppert said in his interview for “Collapse” that the earth's population stayed around a billion people until 1900 when oil was introduced into society, then our population skyrocketed to almost 8 billion people. Once oil is gone, the earth will balance out because oil will be taken out of the equation. Those who have the survival skills will outlast everyone, those who don't may turn into cannibals. It's estimated at current levels that we'll run out of oil between 2035-2055. I think the most important thing to do from here on out is to pass along the basic survival skills to our children so that even if martial law or the collapse the United States doesn't happen, they can be prepared just in case.



Anonymous said...
Thursday, 09 December, 2010

This stuff is amazing isnt it. Just simply amazing! The guys from we forecasting this stuff years ago and I laughed at them. I guess they are having the last laugh now, and are extremly accurate and worth a look. Especailly if it is the TRUTH you are after.

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