Saturday, December 11, 2010

Presidential Directive 51

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**Blogger Note: This is strictly an opinion article that I will finalize tomorrow once more research is done**

While searching the Internet for interesting articles about the pending collapse of the US and what will lead to civil unrest, I stumbled across a news reel from “The Real News Network” talking about “Security Directive 51”. After looking into it briefly, I started to see a lot of things that made red flags go up in my mind.

Here's the time line I've seen:

1976- National Emergencies act was passed to limit the length of “national emergencies” to two years without congressional approval. Among other provisions, this act requires the President to declare formally a national emergency and to specify the statutory authorities to be used under such a declaration.
2001- 9/11 happens and the Department of Homeland Security is created under the Patriot act.

2007- May of 2007 National Security and Homeland Security directive 51 was signed by President Bush. This is the first directive ever to be partially published by any president.

2007- October 2007 the Secretary of Treasury issues a notice that the housing bubble has burst.

2008- In the last couple of months of President Bush's term in office he passes TARP along with other bailouts to save the economy from collapse.

2009- President Obama is sworn in and early that year passes a 787 Billion dollar stimulus. November of 2009 President Obama ordered USNORTHCOM to station 1 million US troops inside the US in the event of civil unrest or economic collapse by Jan 30 2010.

2010- Unemployment has hovered between 10.1-9.6%. Republicans win a landslide election on the backs of the TEA Party movement to reduce the size of government. Come the close of the year the Republicans and Democrats strike a deal to extend unemployment 13 months while keeping the Bush Tax Cuts, but the extreme on both sides could hold it up from being passed.

If you've ever watched President Bush give an interview after his presidency, you'll see how much passion and love he has for this country no matter what side of the isle you're on. I do not believe that Presidents run this country since the JFK assassination, so I look at every president as a puppet. I find it odd that no other president has ever published a directive, but he published what he could, it's almost as if he's giving a warning sign if people are willing to look. When you look at the signing of the directive along with the chain of events after it, you'll start to see a very scary picture arise. I will be looking into this further and report on it fully tomorrow with all the links to my findings.


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