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Cap and Trade

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Ok, enuf is enuf. Uncle SAM has overstepped its boundries. If you do no know what cap and trade is let me explain to you what I know. This is being targeted at busnesses and private residences (apartments and homes).

"A specific type of emissions trading system where total emissions are limited or 'capped'. Permits are allocated or auctioned up to the set cap, and a market allows those participants emitting less than their quota to sell their excess permits to emitters needing to buy extra to meet their cap."
Ok, words are pretty, but what does this really mean. We are going to be taxed based upon our emissions. Now if you have money and you go over your emissions you can purchase credits. If you don't have money and you go over your emissions well, you may be penelized or even better, the government has access to a device to shut off outlets. I am going to post some quotes from from an interview. I will post the whole atricle link afterwards.
"CHAFFETZ: It's called the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack Transparency Act of 2010 and what it would allow us to do is issue FOIA, the freedom of information requests that the public can ask for, members of Congress, anybody can ask for to get the documents that are within Fannie and Freddie. Amazingly enough, they don't believe that they're subject to the questions -- even as a member of Congress, I'm on oversight government reform, I'm a ranking member and they won't answer my questions. So, we're going to have to change the law.

GLENN: And why do they say that?

CHAFFETZ: Well, I love this quote from this letter. You know, they're subject now to the Federal Housing Finance Agency and their general counsel, this Alfred Pollard, sent me a letter --

GLENN: And he's currently with whom?

CHAFFETZ: He is the general counsel for the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

GLENN: Go ahead.

CHAFFETZ: All right. So, he sends me a letter and I'm asking for information specifically about Franklin Raines and what they are doing with -- what in the world they were doing getting passed for cap and trade issues, but he said by his determination it, quote, would be costly, burdensome and potentially unproductive, end quote. So, he's decided unilaterally that even though I'm requesting it as a member of Congress, he is not going to provide me any documents.

GLENN: Costly and unproductive?

CHAFFETZ: And burdensome.

GLENN: And burdensome. Well, I hate to burden them. They're already burdened enough with $1 trillion worth of debt. Jason, what have you find out on the outlet lock that they have the patent on?

CHAFFETZ: Well, they say in this letter that, oh, this is just a guy on staff and they were using it to try to make sure that it doesn't, you know -- it doesn't allow surges on computers. Well, bologna. I went, they went so far to get all their attorneys engaged and they went and got these patents and what it does is it allows you to take an individual unit, you can go up to the actual outlet and it says it's for home. It doesn't say it's for business.

CHAFFETZ: And they go into their home and they can actually turn off your energy so you -- literally it locks down your energy in your home and the concern that some of us have is that if they're pursuing cap and trade, this would allow them to also go and say, do you know what, you've used to much energy this month, you're not going to be able to access the very outlet that's in your home.

GLENN: .... if you look at all of the facts, cap and trade is done by all of the usual suspects through the carbon climate exchange. What they're doing is they're trying to sell communities and people this new technology, for instance, ..... So, they go into your house, they put the technology of the solar panels in, they change your outlets, et cetera, et cetera. That's one piece of the technology they own the patent on. The second piece is the way to measure the carbon that you are burning in your home. Then they come at the end of the month and they say, okay, great. Energy cost is this. You know, you would have paid -- you would have paid this without this technology. So, pay us 10% of the difference. That's how they get paid, but if you don't pay, if you -- if something happens or if you use too much energy, this outlet can only be opened with a special tool that only they have the patent to. So, if they lock down your outlets, how do you get electricity?

CHAFFETZ: I love what they say. This is what Alfred Pollard wrote to me just on June 7th. He said, quote, the device prevent unauthorized or unqualified personnel from connecting equipment to outlets such as vacuum cleaners or heaters which may cause circuit overload, tripped circuit breakers and result in the loss of alteration of data residing on the computer systems powered by the same electrical network.

GLENN: Excuse me. When did we have a -- when did we have an outbreak -- why is Fannie Mae or Freddie Mack, why are they all of a sudden concerned about my circuit breakers in my home if my wife plugs in the vacuum?

CHAFFETZ: Well, she may be unqualified or unauthorized. You know --

CHAFFETZ: We smile and we laugh but at the same time, I take this very seriously because you have one of these very large organizations going out and getting a patent for this. What in the world were they thinking about whether they went and did this?

CHAFFETZ: Well, we have to get this bill passed, because the American people, the media, you know, members of Congress, we have to be able to look at the records in Fannie and Freddie. They're in conservatorship as of September 2008. We're on the lines of nearly a trillion dollars. We deserve to be able to look through their records and their correspondence.

GLENN: Real quick, do people need to do anything? Do they need to call or is this going to pass or what?

CHAFFETZ: Well, yeah. We're going to need to get them fired up. You can go to I'll have information up there. We've got it out on and we'll get a bill number and get it introduced. I'm thankful to ranking member Lamar Smith out of Texas, ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, and Darrell Issa. We're going to keep going"

Ok, so if you look up what the original design of cap and trade is, you will see that this is designed for businesses. Now it's being expanded to everyone and not just businesses. This patent, that Fannie and Freddie have so conveniently put back out into the open market for everyone to have, is designed as a household electrical cap, not for businesses. Explain this to me, Dictator Obama, why are you taking food out of my kids mouth and clothes off of our back?

I recently talked to an accountant for an energy company and asked him how this would affect me and my family. I was told that my electric bill would double. I already pay $130 a month for electricity. I don't think I could handle double that. Another thing is one of my classmates works in a wharehouse. He has told me that if cap and trade is passed that he would lose his job because his company couldn't handle the increased cost. I know we're in a recession here in the US. Why would we want to start putting more businesses out of business since we're relying on them to put America back to work?

One last rant. If we're looking for better forms of energy why would we cut our leg off to save our arm? The goverment has made sure to squash anything that would take us off of fossil fuels. Start pursuing technology instead of taxing us so you can have another blank check to force upon us your agenda of big givernment. Overall the less we have the more we have to rely on the government. The more we rely on the government the more control over us we have. That is Communism. The government has made sure to tell you what you can and can't do such as smoking in order to get any type of governement help that they end up forcing you on. As my grandfather used to say, "If I give you a dollar, I own you until you pay me back."


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