Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Free energy

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Since Ford decided to go with oil based combustion engine, the world’s oil reserves have had a timer set on them. We use oil for a lot of things such as plastic, gasoline, power plants, and many other resources. As our technology improves and we depend more and more on our power grid, the world’s oil reserves are a major concern to the consumer weather they would like to admit it or not. The world’s oil reserves are estimated to be empty or at least at catastrophe level within the next 40 years ( Some estimates state that the world will be out of oil by 2026. No one knows for sure when the oil will run out, but there is one fact that oil will eventually run out. The Government has already made a decision on the next fuel source we will use, natural gas, but how long will that run. Also, with the world becoming more dependent on fuel for electricity and cars, we are eventually going to be passing on the same problem that we are currently in to our great grand children. Another thing that has to be looked at is what types of harm are we doing to ourselves, the planet, and the environment when we start drilling for alternative fuels. Scientists are now starting to link earth quakes to our careless drilling for oil ( or other natural resources.

Now that we know the problem, what’s the solution? Zero Point Energy is the solution. Zero point energy uses magnetic fields that the earth naturally generates electricity. There is currently research being done on this alternative source of energy ( This technology has been harnessed in smaller forms to be able to allow your whole house to have electricity with a generator that is about the size of a tomato box. The reason you haven’t heard about it is because of the energy companies and the Federal Government suppressing this technology ( (start at pg. 44 and read section 181-188). The energy sector of our economy is so big that those who are in power believe this poses an economic security risk ( and ). The energy sector of the economy ( is one of the largest sectors in our economy.

What can you do?

1. Write your state representative or senator expressing your concern with our energy problem and ask them to encourage forms of energy that will not use any of earth’s non renewable resources. ( (

2. Tell your friends, neighbors, and co workers about what you have heard and learned today so that they might do the same.

3. Continue your research on the subject and help move along a better, healthier, and long lasting form of energy that we can use well into the future instead of passing the problem down from generation to generation.


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