Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Let's begin

6:26 PM by Hegrins ·

I am an angry American. When I watch the news it gets very depressing. I start to think about what we are as a country and what we should be. Currently our political system is a bunch of liars and bigots who tell us what we want to hear so they can get elected. We elect them, then they rob us blind to give it to someone else. Not only that, they are power hungry, we are evolving into a police state. I think if you asked any American they would say I hate it when people outside my normal life start telling me how to live, but yet we give up our freedoms because we still nievely believe our politicians.

Now that I have complained, lets get to a solution. I will take a little time every so often and post what I think should be the solutions to our problems as a country. Feel free to respond, just one rule, be mature about how you respond.

1. Problem: Those that have families don't get to spend much time with them. Why don't they get to spend time with them? It's because we rely on a piece of paper that has a drawing on it that we call money. Because we need money to pay rent/mortgage, electric, food, and basic necesities we spend from the age 18-65 working long hours to bring this pretty paper home. In exchange it turns into the tragedy of the commons because in exchange for that pretty paper we miss out on our wives/husbands/childs life. We do it though so we can give them the lives they deserve because we love them.

Solution: Let's get rid of money. If you look at the Fed and how the fractional reserve system goes we'll be in this rat race forever. I think every american should get 10 acres of land just for themselves. It's yours, the government can't come in and take it, no one can take it from you. You as a citizen of this earth and country deserve a place to go home that you aren't in debt to someone else for. You can grow and hunt your own food (sorry if you find that barbaric, but come on just because we are urbanized doesn't mean we're less or more civilized than a bear or fish). If you think it's too vague let me expand.

  • you are responsible for your own food
  • every citizen is required to put in contributions to society to help take care of basic needs. For example if you were to spend 20 hours a week to go into a meeting center to volunteer to help your fellow man and help with their health, certain manufacturing, and whatever basic needs that society needs.
  • Those who don't contribute don't get the rewards. Fair is fair, you have food and shelter and no one can take it from you. If you feel that you don't want to participate and just want to live on your land self sustaining yourself, why not.
  • All government should be localized to population centers.
  • One person is selected to represent the country to the world so that we can trade goods and services with the rest of the world (i.e. lumber, fruits, computer parts, iron, and so on)

I know some will say this is communism, no this is not. This is pretty much how our founding fathers set up our country to begin with without every citizen getting their own piece of land for free. Some people would say this throws us back to the stone age. I would think you're wrong because I'm not asking you to gather straw and use rocks to start your fire.

I think this would be a positive thing to happen because it would then give you time to spend with your family to grow and build it the right way. I think this is something that would in the end bring about better and closer families not to mention a stress free world that would allow us to focus on our personal evolvement without being sidetracked by work, bills, and other distractions.


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