Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Civil right to privacy

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About 3 weeks ago the police showed up at my door. To give you a little back story on the issue, here I go. The day before my wife and I showed up and gave our 30 day notice to break our lease early and made a whole bunch of complaints against management and maintenance. The very next day while the staff are putting up flyers they called the police stating that a man and woman were fighting and a baby was screaming (pretty much I was beating my wife and kid). The police showed up at my door and I answered their questions. I made a big mistake by letting them in my hosue because they then started searching my home. I made a complaint to their supervisor and was told the they didn't need a warrent to search my home which is a complete violation of my fourth amendment right to privacy. To make thing worse I talked to some police down by the waterfront during one of parades. I was told if I didn't like the law that I could go somewhere else. How can someone who's sallery I pay and who is a public servent, I stress servent, tell me if I don't like it go somewhere else. I was and am sticking up for my rights given to me by the Constitution of the United States of America. I then wrote Glenn Beck, the ACLU, my state legislature, and now Sen. Merkley and Sen. Wyden. Posted below is my email to both Senators.

Dear Sen. Merkley,

I have recently requested help from the ACLU regarding my most recent confrontation with the Beaverton Police. Here's the basics. The police showed up for a domestic violence call that was made by my complex managers. When the police showed up I answered their questions as they asked them. They told me they received a call that a man and woman were fighting and a baby was screaming. The call took them around 20 minutes to show up to my front door. I explained to them that my wife had left for work 4 hours prior to the call being reported.

Facts they were provided with:

they were able to see in my window and saw me feeding my child as they came up to my door.

Explained my wife was at work.

Opened door to invite them in (not to search)

Once the police officers entered my home they immediately began a search of my home opening doors, windows, and closets. The police failed to do their job and violated my right to privacy. I

If the police were doing their job correctly they would have done a proper investigation instead of going from a to z without hitting b c and so on. If they would have tried to contact my wife or asked where she worked they could have verified my story. Instead of doing their due dillegence they decided to leap without any real facts to back up their claim. Another thing they failed to do was get my permission to search my home, I would have given permission, but instead I was treated as guilty until proven innocent. The worst thing they did was allienate yet another citizen. Considering their success in their job requires contacts and cooperation with the public, the more they alienate the worse it makes it for both parties.

I decided to make a complaint to their supervisor. When I was able to talk to the supervisor he told me he was the one who sent the officers up to my door. He told me he spent several minutes outside my door listening to see if somethin was wrong. Why would he wait outside my door around the corner listening if there was a true danger, seems to me he had reasonable doubt there was anything going on. I was also told that the police have the right to search my home without permission due to community care taking act and protective state.

Sen. Merkley, I think you and the police forget, I pay your sallery. If it wasn't for me and my wife going to work and paying our taxes, you would have to print more money that you have no collateral for. As a citizen who pays for the police to uphold my rights given to me by the constitution, I don't feel like I'm getting my monies worth. I originally was upset with the police especially when I told them they were violating my rights and was told if I didn't like it move somewhere else, but then I had to look at cause and effect. You politicians seem to slightly chip away at our rights until they are no longer valid. We pay you to keep our rights and protect them, not take them away and turn us into a police state.

You need to make this right by educating the police on when and where they can perform searches, how to treat the public (since they get our paychecks from us), and that their primary responsibility is to protect and defend the constitution.


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