Monday, November 1, 2010

2010 Election and what it means

This election is about drawing a line in the sand. Are you on the side of America where you believe in less government, lower taxes, and self reliance and responsibility or are you on the side that thinks the Republic is broken, the constitution is a document that doesn't fit our current day problems, and that the government is bigger, better, and smarter than us and we need to be soley suported by the government who tax the rich into leaving our country?

Benjamin Franklin said "When the government fears the people you have freedom and when the people fear the government you have tyranny". Those that believe in American exceptionalism and that America is still great are going to be siding with the Tea Party candidates because they represent the side in our country that believes in less government and a balanced budget. There are many documents and many times in our history that have shown that when you cut back government and reduce taxes that our country as a whole does better because we're able to live the "American Dream". What is the "American Dream"? Glenn Beck has said it's not about cars, houses, and stuff, it's about being able to follow your passions without restriction or stumbling blocks being put in your path un neccesarily. This idea isn't associated with a party or a group affiliation, but more as the original idea of our "Founding Fathers". We all have our different view points on how to solve problems, but if you're for America, then you're wanting to have less government intervention and to let the people have the power to fix it themselves.

FDR wanted to create a second Bill of Rights where everyone has a living wage, medical care, housing, education, freedom from unfair manopolies, and social security. This side of the argument wants to tell us that the government is responsible for doing and providing these things for us. We are supposed to pay for these programs through taxation. Who has to pay these taxes, the so called "rich" do. Who is considered "rich" in this country? According to President Obama anyone making over $250,000 per year would be considered "rich". The poor can't seem to pay for these programs because they just don't make enough income to even tax them. The poor and unfortunate will be able to take advantage of these programs because the "rich" can support themselves, but they also need to pay for the "poor". Who is "poor"? The "poor" would be considered anyone making less than $30,000 per year according to President Obama.

The question of this election is what side do you see yourself on? What role do you think the government should play? Which is the best path for our country as a whole?

There are many flaws in having government provide things for us such as social security, housing, education, and other programs such as "Obama Care". We've had over 50 years of these programs being implemented by those who think that the government is responsible for providing these things for us. What have they lead to? We have a $14,200,000,000,000 deficit, yes that's a lot of 0's. This means that these programs have cost us 14.2 trillion dollars more than what we've been able to claim in taxes over the last 50+ years. Also, these programs take away our self reliance and indepenance from us because we no longer work within our communities to help eachother because we rely on the government to provide us what we used to provide for ourselves. Social Secuirty has gotten to the point where in order to keep our deficit down we've had to borrow from the Social Security fund to pay for other programs which means that we owe more than 14.2 trillion dollars. Housing programs such as Fannie and Freddi are the reason why we're in this "Depression" in the first place. In order to provide housing for everyone the government forced the banks to give out high risk loans to people who would otherwise not qualify for or couldn't afford. In return when the economy colapsed in 2008 President Bush was forced by previous government policy to bail out the banks with TARP since the government was the one who forced these loans on the banks. Healthcare has added almost 1 trillion dollars to our deficit under President Obama in order to give or force every American to have health insurence. Even worse is because the government is involved in providing "public education" to our children they're becomming less and less educated. We've fallen behind the rest of  the world in the level of education that we provide. Unions have come in and bankrupted the education system by requiring high pensions and fiscal irresponsibility. In order for a school district to keep getting more money the following year they have to spend every penny, if they don't then the funding for them is cut the following year.

In conclusion I would say that the other side has had their shot at doing it their way with the second bill of rights proposed by FDR. We have gone from a once rich and free nation to a nation of beggers and grippers. I think President Kennedy said it best when he said "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". If we want to continue to be a country we're going to have to make a choice and everyone has to make this choice on whether or not we wan to beg the world for support or if we want to support ourselves. Those who don't make this choice are doing the greatest disservice to their country because they didn't take a stand. I do and I donn't care what side you choose, just choose because this is America's day of reconing. So, tomorrow is election day. Get out and tell everyone you know to vote and make a stand. If they don't know who to vote for let them read this article. If they would like more information on who the "Tea Party" candidates are send them to my website to my recommended links section. There they will be able to see the "Tea Party" backed candidates for Governer, Senator, and U.S. House of Representatives. This isn't a race about party line politics, this is a race on American values and which side you fall upon.


Rick said...
Tuesday, 02 November, 2010

We have let most of this happen by electing officials that appointed crooked judges that in turn legislated from the bench that changed our laws. This has been going on since the 20's. This is the time the trap was invented to alter the peoples mind to where they expect the government to give them what they wanted. Our founding fathers would have said forget it and not made the sacrifices to create this country, if they could see down the road till today. I voted but I know that the liberals have this sown up because they stacked the deck against a free America where we are not looking for a hand out rather then a hand up. We were a country that looked out for the other guy you know the one in need.

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