Monday, November 29, 2010

North Korea wants war

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I grew up during the 80's where everyone was scared that the US and the Russians were going to nuke each other back to the stone age and take the word along with it. We have since seen the collapse of the Soviet Union, but it seems that a nuclear holocaust is closer now than ever was with the Russians. The thing that stopped the Russians and the US from going to war was MAD or mutually assured destruction along with leaders that used nukes as a deterrent instead of as a weapon in their arsenal.

Unfortunately we're on the brink of what could be a nuclear war with North Korea and only one side of this conflict is rational. The North Korean leader is known for being a mental case. Any news article tells us that North Korea may very well have nukes and they have been proliferating them to Iran and Syria. The thing is no one really knows if they have nukes, but this is a case of better safe than sorry.

If North Korea decides to resume the 57 year old conflict, they will only last no longer than a week because of their low fuel supply. If the Chinese join in to support North Korea for reasons like not wanting to have North Korea collapse or just to flex their muscles, this could last many years just like the original conflict.

Everyone knows that Kim Jung Ill will be ready to use nukes at his first opportunity. The US could lose many soldiers and would be expected to respond with the same. Nuclear Holocaust here we come. I think if we used nukes the Chinese would be expected to use them as well. All this will be done because of one unstable leader trying to provoke the rest of the world for reasons no one really cares. It's almost like a kid who antagonizes another and then gets beat up, but what's the point?

President Obama is paralleling the FDR and Carter administration. The biggest difference was how they handled foreign policy. President Carter was weak on foreign policy whereas the FDR administration wanted to join the war, so they created the situation to join. The thing is this was a world war. History, is in a way, is repeating itself. During the 1930's there were currency wars just like the ones we're having now, this is what a lot of historians think led to the start of WWII. WWII ultimately led the US out of the “Great Depression” and also the US becoming the world power.

In this case I sympathize with President Obama because his back is against the wall. As my father once told me sometimes its better to walk away from a fight and other times you need to stand up for yourself. I think that the US is being played and if we continue to follow the path that North Korea wants this could be the start of WWIII. President Bush did a good job in showing US strength in foreign policy to where we could walk away from this one, but Obama would sacrifice his presidency and be called the “New Carter”. If President Obama decides to stand up and fight he is playing into North Korea's hand and this would place President Obama along the lines of FDR's administration which would save his presidency, but cost us the world. I think that North Korea wants a war because it's the only way they can save their face if they want reunification, but they could also want war because they miss being so cozy with the Chinese like they were in the '50's.


dennis hodgson said...
Wednesday, 01 December, 2010

I don't think that North Korea actually wants war, but it is playing a gigantic game of chicken. As far as the US is concerned, the biggest mistake it could make is to join in any conflict on the South Korean side, because this would bring China in on the NK side.

The US has already made a strategic error by conducting war games in the Yellow Sea, which has antagonized China unnecessarily. I believe that China is seriously embarrassed by the behaviour of its neighbour but would feel obliged to come to its rescue (as it did in 1950) if the US came in on the SK side. I also believe that NK will not use nukes, unless it thinks it is losing, in which case the #1 target will be Seoul.

I have some historical background in this post.

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