Monday, November 22, 2010

Future of America

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I have been hearing from many different news sources and reporters about the imminent collapse of the US dollar, some have even talked about this being the gateway to global governance. Through listening to people like Peter Schiff and Bob Chapman, I think I've figured out how this will all take place. Please take into account the current news of the day. To start off, let's get an idea of who is involved.

Peter Schiff has been on record on MSNBC, FNC, and many other accredited news organizations stating that he believes the dollars collapse is inevitable because of our high debt and weak economy. Peter Schiff has been credited with predicting the housing crash and also the Wall-Street crash. He's even written books on how to survive the collapse of the dollar. He's also been on record stating that hyperinflation is on its way and we need to start getting prepared.

Bob Chapman has been on record saying that he has friends who attend the Federal Reserve Board meetings. It is said that the Federal Reserve has come to the point where they are going to devalue the dollar into oblivion and bring about a new dollar backed by gold. He has also said that the US could very well still remain the global exchange currency as long as we still have the gold reserves we say we do. The only bad part is that anyone holding onto the current US dollar will be left with worthless pieces of paper.

The UN was originally set up as a debating society, but has known aspirations to become a one world government. Although the UN is just a debating society according to its charters and not allowed to have a military arm, but if you look at the NATO charter it states that NATO can only perform military operations under the direction of the UN. The IMF, which is also another arm of the UN, has called for a new global currency, not to mention the top 3 exchange currencies in order are the US dollar, Euro, and the Chinese Yuan.

For years Congress has regulated business and created laws for citizens to abide by. What first started out as good intentions ended up eventually being hijacked by some of the most crooked and powerful people. Through regulation corporate lobbyists are able to slip things into legislation in order to stamp out their competition. Some companies have even gone as far, like with the TSA scanners, to take advantage of situations in order to enrich themselves through association with members of Congress. This has eventually led the US down the road to becoming a police state, although the original intention was good in nature.

This last weekend the Irish accepted a bailout from other participating Euro countries. Right now the Euro is in trouble with Greece, Irish, Spain, and Portugal being bailed out or on the verge of being bailed out, the Euro risks collapse which would move the Chinese Yuan to the number 2 spot in the IMF. Along with the imminent financial collapse of the Euro, the UK, Greece, and France are experiencing riots and civil unrest.

So, what happens and how does this all fit together and what does this mean? Once the Euro and US dollar collapses, there is a small window of opportunity. During this time I would expect there to be a lot of civil unrest. A lot of this will be because of the tightening of the deficit belt around the world, but there will be a lot of this type of activity on the news.

I would believe that the civil unrest would have an effect on commerce because, if big enough, it could halt businesses from functioning. This in turn will cause a deeper recession or spark a new recession on the country if it is in recovery mode. The countries with civil unrest will then collapse which will open the door to a global currency.

Once a global currency is introduced by the IMF or UN, or even the US depending on who's in power, there will be a call for a global government in order to ensure stability. I would hope that many here in the US would oppose it. If the US would oppose it, certain global corperations would encourage Congress under the table to accept a global currency even if it brings a global government because it would be in the corperations best interest. I think the most important thing to highlight here is that every country has its own regulations and currencies. With all these differences it would be either in their best interest to have 1 set of rules or at least it would be an appealing idea. Good intentions will be met with dire consequences.

Depending on how bad the civil unrest the global currency might be a little farther out if there are wars caused over the rioting. This would actually be in the best interest of at least the US if not the world because as long as the world is in war, we could possibly rebuild ourselves during this which would prevent a global currency. The thing that could happen though is during the civil unrest in the US it could lead to a civil war which would take us away from any participation in any global war. Think along the lines of Russia during WWI.

If there is no global war before a global currency is instituted, there would also be an opportunity to still have a global war, but it would be more like a civil war. The chances of those fighting against a global government and winning would be slim to none. I would think the worst part is that NATO will be the one used to enforce the new global government which is comprised mainly of US troops.

The worst part of this whole scenario is that it is so far along that there is really no stopping it. I hope this isn't what happens, but from a logical point of view, it's the only thing that makes sense. There have been many people being out in the open about their intentions and we've either ignored them or thought they were just kidding. Considering even the experts who aren't afraid of telling people what they see are the only ones being ignored while we wander aimlessly through our lives. As President Obama says, “We as American's need to get used to living with less”.



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