Sunday, November 21, 2010

Devestating Change

8:14 AM by Hegrins ·
What is it with politicians these days? The country is on the verge of a total meltdown and they want to politicize issues at this point in our history? Do they understand what's really going on or are they still in la la land? I think that our politicians checked out of reality the day they took their oath.

Recently this week congress decided not to extend unemployment benefits for another 3 months during a time of the year when the economy is just piecing itself back together. It's almost like the Republicans haven't thought this through. When your economy is on the verge of recovering and jobs are now being created you don't cut everyone off. This makes no sense.

In Congress the Republicans and the Democrats are playing chicken over tax cuts. During a time that businesses are holding onto the biggest cash reserves in history because they're unsure about what the tax code is going to be going forward and any new regulations of the Reid and Pelosi regime. When an Administration shows hostility towards businesses, the very one's who create jobs, and not even allowing them any certainty going forward. Congress, you're going to be responsible for a double dip recession if you don't stop playing Russian roulette with our economy and those who drive it.

The globe is on the verge of a global collapse of its economies and currencies. We have the EU on the verge of collapse with countries like Greece, Ireland, and many others being bailed out. In countries like the UK, France, and Greece we're seeing rioting in the streets because of civil unrest due to poor economies, bank bailouts, and fiscal irresponsibility. China is scolding the US because of its monetary policy because Bernanke keeps devaluing our dollar which in turn hurts exporting countries and drives down our purchasing power. At a time when we need cheaper goods, more productive businesses, and less people draining the system, these politicians everywhere are just contributing to the problem.

Right now we're in the middle of one of the worst times in our countries history since the “Great Depression” of the 1930's. Will our grandchildren look back at us and call us the “Greatest generation that ever lived” or will this be the “end of the greatest country since Rome”? It seems to me that our politicians are either being malicious or they just don't get it.

The 2010 elections were about change, but we didn't want you to destroy us in the process. We expected our politicians to be fiscally responsible, but we also expected them to lead the country out of this mess with at least a glimpse of intelligence. It almost feels like our politicians are pushing us to the brink of rioting. When we are on the verge of a global collapse because Bernanke is being accused of trying to inflate our way out of this recession, we don't need policies that are aggressive towards growth and prosperity. If things keep going the way they're going I wont be surprised if Greece, the UK, and France like civil unrest come to this country. In a way I feel almost powerless because I was one of the people who tried to bring in change, but they're doing more harm than good. Sometimes good intentions are met with bad results, and I think this is where we're at right now.

Contact your US Representative and Senator. Tell them we need to have a balanced budget, but we also need to hold everything together. We can't send up to 2 million people homeless and hungry because that will only add to, not take from, our problems. We need the Federal Government to have some oversight of the Federal Reserve because they're just printing money and devaluing our currency. We need to cut spending and entitlement programs, but only when we start our economic engine. You can't make a heroin addict quit cold turkey because if you do you run the risk of killing them, you must first give them methadone and ween them off of it. We've made our choice to become clean of debt, let's do it an intelligent way.


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