Friday, December 3, 2010

Aspen Institute influences politicians

Yesterday I posted an article about net neutrality and I'd like to report that there may be some good news, but not much. Senator Blackburn R-TN was on Freedom Watch tonight stating that if the vote by the FCC to impose net neutrality was passed that she would be introducing HR-3924. This bill would make it so that only Congress can regulate the Internet under the Interstate Commerce clause. I think this is a good gesture, but it wont stop future Congress's or groups like The Aspen Institute from imposing their views.

When I wrote Truth about net neutrality, I only scratched the surface. In my gut I knew something was wrong and didn't trust their motives and I was right. When you look on the surface The Aspen Institute looks like a legitimate 501(c)3, but then I started digging on their website and on the web. Good thing its not regulated because I may not have been able to find what I was looking for because what a lot of people wouldn't know is that The Aspen Institute was formally known as The Aspen Institute for Humanism. Luckily I was able to stumble across a true patriots blog on wordpress that helped me get to the information I needed to find.

If you look up the definition of Humanism, you'll see that it's just another kind word for Atheism. Being humanist wasn't that bad in my book because our Founding Fathers gave us the right to practice any religion or none at all. The bad part about their version of Humanism is that they wanted to create a global government through being active in education and other aspects of society. Don't get me wrong when I say they're not as bad as they seem, they're not the George Soros global governance crew, but global government is like communism, it's a good idea in theory, but not good in practice.

The original founder of The Aspen Institute was Walter Paepcke which was created officially in 1950. One of his closest friends and co-founders was Robert Hutchins who was also the founder and president of the “committee to form a world Constitution” in 1947. This isn't as horrible as you might think, although Robert Hutchins believed in a one world government, he was also a federalist.

We must take a step back in time to think about this. During 1947 after WWII had just ended, the cold war was starting up and we had also just dropped the H-bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. During that time there was also a big nuclear disarmament movement going on, which is where the hippies stole the peace sign from, and the best way to avoid total destruction would be to form a one world government because in a way that would be the lesser of two evils when facing total inhalation. Both Paepcke and Hutchins were influenced by philosophers like Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe who wrote Faust (Faust believed that the devil eternally wills evil, but eternally works good. Think of it like yen and yang. This philosophy was popular among Russian Christians). They also celebrated scholars like Nobel Peace Prize winner Albert Schweitzer.

Like all good ideas though, it has been hijacked by the scary globalists. Now The Aspen Institute is considered a liberal think tank which trains world leaders globally. So, the question is, what are they trying to do with the Internet? The Aspen Institute is calling for localized statutes to be put in place by using organizations like the NGA (National Governors Association) and those who write the education curriculum to teach digital literacy because they know it wont be passed on a federal level. The main idea behind digital literacy is to teach our elementary through college children how to discern what is true, how to think critically, and how to use search terms, and what current events need to be kept up with. The big problem with this is the fact that those who hated America and protested during the 60's and 70's are now teaching college students which in turn teach are our future educators.

Everyone should be an advocate of truth, no matter what the consequences. The thing is there are so many orginizations that are influencing everything in our society that we're being overrun. The real solution to this is that we as citizens need to be informed. We need to start looking at the organizations that contribute to our politicians and our society and see what their motives are. Everyone has a motive which makes this easy to find. If we see our candidate has shady people funding them, be sure to let the politician know about it and ask him or her to send back the contribution or you will be informing the public. The thing we need to realize is that most Americans align themselves with the Founding Fathers in more ways than we know, it's just taking the time to find out. Although our elected officials are our representatives, sometimes they don't do their homework, that's our job as an informed voter.


Anonymous said...
Sunday, 05 December, 2010

Net Neutrality has been hijacked from the ISP and internet security community. Originally Net Neutrality was about treating all data the same. You don't give TCP/IP preference to CNN.COM over FOXNEWS.COM. You don't downgrade VONAGE traffic just because you sell phone service. You especially don't do what Comcast is doing, blocking Netflix unless they pay up. That is Net Neutrality. It was about not having tier levels of the internet. Web sites pay more they get better speeds, don't pay and well your lucky if the site comes up. That is Net Neutrality.

Which is why you will see so many tech groups favoring Net Neutrality. The far left has co-opted the term and twisted it in to something it was never intended to be.

Anonymous said...
Sunday, 05 December, 2010

What the FCC and others are doing isn't Net Neutrality, it is a Fairness Doctrine for the internet. They removed that from the airwaves, why in the world should the internet have? You can find every opinion under the sun on the internet, even the truly strange ones. You can fine sites about the earth is flat, its hollow, we never went to the moon, we need more government, less government, no government. Everything you can imagine and then some is out there.

We don't need a fairness doctrine! We need all traffic to be treated the same, and ISPs and backbone providers to stop putting up artificial barriers. That is Net Neutrality.

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